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Welcome to SparkHacks 2023! 

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If you are a student in the University of Illinois at Chicago and you have an acceptance email from the team, you're in! 


What to Build

- Mobile Application/Web Application

- Figma Design

What to Submit

- GitHub

- Pictures of Final Prototype

- Video Demo / EXPO presentaion (Optional)

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,060 in prizes

First Pace - Community Resilience

This award is given to the best project that addresses the needs of communities and strengthen their connections. Mechanical Keyboard & swag Sponsored by CodePath.

Second Place - Community Resilience

This is the second best project in the Community Resilience category. Settlers of Catan & swag Sponsored by CodePath.

First Place - Bridging Digital Divide

This award is given to the project that connects people through technology. Headphones Sponsored by Grainger.

Second Place - Bridging Digital Divide

This is the second best award for Bridging Digital Divide. Mini speakers Sponsored by Grainger.

First Place - Accessibility

This award goes to the best project that is easy-to-use and addresses inequality in technology access. Polaroid Cameras Sponsored by Caterpillar.

Second Place - Accessibility

This is the second best project award for the Accessibility category. Clementoni Starry Night 500 Piece Vincent Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzle Sponsored by Caterpillar.

First Place - No Code

This is the award given to the best project utilizing Figma or other wireframing software. Lego Flower Kits Sponsored by UIC Innovation Center.

Second Place - No Code

This is the second prize for the No Code category. Lego succulents Sponsored by UIC Innovation Center.

Overall Best Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Shanon Reckinger

Gonzalo Bello Lander

Mitch Theys

Mitch Theys

George Maratos

George Maratos

Chris Kanich

Chris Kanich

Frank Errichiello
Software Developer

Amrit Johar

Amrit Johar

Chinmay Tarwate

Anthony Sorto

Judging Criteria

  • Idea
    Uniqueness and innovation of the idea, relevance to the theme Community.
  • Implementation
    Quality, reliability and functionality of the implementation, including use of advanced technologies.
  • Creativity
    The level of creativity in the project. Including project design, presentation and overall execution.
  • Impact
    The potential impact, scalability, and marketability of the solution. Potential benefits for society.

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